It is a test to diagnose your hearing state through simple questions.
If any of the symptom happens to you, you should come to Earlogic Hearing Centre for a test on your hearing.

01. When others talk it feels like they are murmuring or I cannot hear them well.

02. I find it hard to converse with people in a noisy and loud place.

03. People have complained before that I have turned on the volume of the radio and TV too loud.

04. I tend to miss my calls because I couldn’t hear the phone ringing.

05. I have avoided people before in fear of making mistake because I wasn’t able to hear them well.

06. I find it hard to talk with a lot of people talking at the same time.

07. I ask people to repeat their words often.

08. I find it hard to hear a female and a child’s voice

09. I haven’t heard a lot of nature’s sounds like birds and insects

10. I have worked in a noisy place before or I am working in a noisy place.

11. I cannot understand the conversation when watching TV in the public.

12. I have been annoyed before because I couldn’t hear what they were saying.

13. I sometimes cannot hear the ringing sound of the telephone and the bell as well.

14. I have forgotten to turn off the signal in the car because I couldn’t hear the sound.

15. I have a family member who has lost one’s hearing.