Diagnosed disease: tinnitus
Treatment period: 4 months

I tend to increase the volume when watching TV and feel irritated when I can’t hear even if I want to because of tinnitus. I feel stressful because of hearing. I understand only when called several times and I feel afraid. I cannot hear properly and when the condition becomes serious I feel like I’m floating when walking.

After 4 months of treatment, the noise level in my ear decreased bit by bit and the volume of the TV decreased too. Most of all, I don’t feel stressful anymore. My mind feels more peaceful.

Moon Kyung Hee
24th Feb 2010

  Diagnosed disease: tinnitus
Treatment period: approximately 4 months

I have developed a bad habit after having tinnitus 5 years ago. I have been unable to sleep, especially in quiet places, because of noises in my ear and I avoided noisy places. Also, I heard hallucinations and had auditory hypersensitivity symptoms.

I first knew earlogic through the internet and thought ‘Could tinnitus and hearing loss really be cured?’ I was doubtful and worried a lot. When I got treated in the beginning I felt the tinnitus becoming weaker but I got worried again when the tinnitus continued. However, I felt the tinnitus decreasing and my hearing improved.

I wish this treatment becomes more active and therefore, cure more tinnitus and hearing loss patients.

Moon Chan Gon
28th May 2010

  Diagnoseddisease: tinnitus
Treatment period: 3 months

One day suddenly I started to hear noises such as metal sounds and locusts crying every day. I was bewildered at the constant sound that could be heard when I couldn’t concentrate on other things and I became sensitive. I went to the ears, nose and throat specialist and got treated but there was no progress. I was persuaded on seeing that I could be cured with state of art equipments in earlogic which I found in the internet and advertised that our ears have 12,000 auditory cells.

I heard that only 5%of the tinnitus could be cured and look forward to the new treatments which involved listening. My hearing has recovered through hearing check-ups and listening. Now, large sounds of tinnitus is not heard and only the small sounds that seems like the sound of live nerves can be heard. I am on the level of finishing the treatment. I can say the treatment has been successful if my hearing does not worsen like before. I can feel hope than before and realized the importance of hearing. I am brighter than before.

This treatment should be introduced to the ear, nose and throat specialist, as well as advertise to the patients so that they don’t give up hope. Also the patients should be persuaded of the principle of the treatment and inform the cases of those successfully cured or alleviated.

Park Yeo Shin
4th March 2010

  Diagnosed disease: tinnitus
Treatment period: 4 months

I couldn’t carry out my daily life because of tinnitus. I was always anxious in a silent place because of headache that occurred because of tinnitus. I was always afraid of the thought ‘what would happen in the future if everything goes wrong” and was uncomfortable because I couldn’t sleep well.

I complied with the treatment in a positive way and did what the hospital ask me to do. It was hard because the hospital was far away. However, I was able to decrease the pain the tinnitus caused me due to the kind services. Also, I didn’t receive any feeling of tinnitus and after these few months everything felt comfortable.

I think a regular lifestyle and a positive mind is needed during treatment period because tinnitus is not something that can be cured over a short term.

Choi Young Ro
27th Feb 2010

  Diagnosed disease: tinnitus and hearing loss on both sides
Treatment period:

I went to a nearby ear, nose and throat specialist when I started hearing sounds in my ear. They said to go to a bigger hospital because I might have hearing loss. However, when I went to the hospital they didn’t treat me properly and there was no progress in my hearing. I searched the internet about hearing and consequently found earlogic.

At the doctor’s recommend that I should cure hearing loss rather than tinnitus I think I recovered fully after 2 months of treatment. I thank the people in earlogic who helped in various examinations and listening treatments. I didn’t think I could be cured so fast because I was quite old. I thank you so much and I thank God. I prayed a lot.

Kim Dong Sook
25th Feb 2010