Hearing loss means “a condition in which one finds it hard or uncomfortable to hear properly or unable to hear at all”.

There are many causes of hearing loss; Hearing loss can happen due to variety of conditions and circumstances such as diseases in the inner part of the ear, consistent exposure to noise, toxic chemicals or aging.

Depends on the conditions above hearing loss can be largely categorized to two types:

Conductive Hearing Loss (when there is a problem in the process of transmitting sound, that is if there is a disease in the outer or middle part of the ear)
Sensorineural Hearing Loss (when there is damage in the auditory cell or auditory nerve)
Mixed Hearing Loss (where both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss occurs)

At Earlogic, we provide professional diagnosis and treatment on sensorineural hearing loss.

Conductive vs Sensorineural


In case that sound is not normally conducted through the outer or middle ear because of damages of the outer or middle ear.


Sensory hearing loss results from insensitivity of the inner ear, the cochlear or impairment of function in the auditory nervous system.


Most cases of conductive hearing loss can be treated medically

Bacterial infection of the middle ear: it can be treated with antibiotics

Damaged eardrums: it can be repaired surgically.

Ossicles affected by otosclerosis: it can be replaced with artificial bones.


Just for alternative methods

Hearing aids (supportive)

Cochlear implant (surgical)